BSL10030 – Quick Check Temp Clear -296ml

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Like90 QUICK CHECK™ GLOSS SIMULATOR MAKES COLOR MATCHING AND PANEL CHECKING FASTER Bonding Solutions Introduces Convenient Aerosol Coating That Replaces Clear Coat Salt Lake City, UT (9/24/13)–Bonding Solutions has introduced Like90 Quick Check™ Gloss Simulator. Quick Check is a temporary gloss that simulates the look of clear coat.It’s designed to be sprayed over fresh base coat on spray-out cards. It makes color matching easier and faster. Unlike clear, Quick Check is odorless and contains no harmful isocyanates. Quick Check can also be sprayed onto repaired panels to reveal wavy bodywork and other surface defects that are hard to see. According to Bill Kernahan, Bonding Solutions’ Marketing Manager, there are many reasons to use Quick Check instead of clear. “It’s faster, safer and more convenient than using clear. It stays wet long enough to provide plenty of time to judge the color match or check a panel for waviness, even in hot, dry weather. It dissipates completely without any residue. Users love the fact that Quick Check is odorless. Unlike clear, Quick Check doesn’t have to be used in the paint booth and can be applied wherever it’s convenient in the paint shop and body shop.” Quick Check doesn’t distort the lay of metallic paints. It’s safe to use on base and clear coats, primers, and cured plastic fillers.