FARAGM-58 – Gmop-Advanced – Permanent Back Plate

Our Price: $41.25

6” Advanced G Mop Back Plate with Interface Pad 6" Advanced Back Plate with Interface Pad for use with 6" applicators. Available in 14mm, 16mm & 5/8" thread sizes. Additional How To Use Product Specifications Related Products For use by machineFor use by handFor MS PaintsFor HS PaintsFor UHS/Scratch Resistant ClearsWater BasedSilicone FreeContains Abrasive ParticlesContains Fluid Dynamic TechnologyContains Fillers/Glazing Agents - See more at: http://www.farecla.com/automotive/applicators/6%E2%80%9D-advanced-g-mop-back-plate-interface-pad#sthash.GT0QVTDz.dpuf