FARPMC501 – Profile Metal Cleaner

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Profile Metal Cleaner Profile Metal Cleaner is an easy to use, mildly abrasive cleaner for use on all types of metal surfaces including brass, aluminium, chrome and stainless steel. It will remove surface dirt,contamination and oxidation leaving a smooth shiny finish. Profile Metal cleaner contains a small amount of wax and other oxidation inhibitors to provide protection and slow down future tarnishing. Restoration - Highly effective metal cleaner capable of restoring badly aged and discoloured parts Safe on Surface - Mildly abrasive formula effectively removes oxidation without scratching the surface Superb Finish - Shiny, high gloss finish Long Lasting - Contains wax and anticorrosion additives for a smooth shiny finish and protection against future degradation - See more at: http://www.farecla.com/industrial/profile-metal-cleaner#sthash.O1bxOIsF.dpuf