FSP8008-1 – Charcoal Metallic Acrylic Urethane (Five Star) 3.78L

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Charcoal Metallic Acrylic Urethane DIRECT TO METAL ADHESION NOTE: Performance is better when using DTM Primer under #8000 series paint. NOTE #8001: Hot Rod Black: An overall mid-coat or prime/sand is suggested for best corner adhesion. SUBSTRATES: • Properly cleaned and sanded aluminum, steel, galvanized steel or sand blasted steel • Properly cleaned and sanded fiberglass, SMC, E-Coat and OEM finish. POT LIFE Pot life will be about 3-5 hours at 77° F. MIXING DIRECTIONS (4:1:1): 2.8 VOC 4 PARTS #8000 Series Single Stage 1 PART #8040 Catalyst 1 PART #8030 Reducer or quality grade Low VOC urethane reducer SURFACE PREPARATION: 1. Wash area thoroughly with soap and water to remove contaminates that solvent based cleaners cannot remove effectively. 2. Clean area with Wax and Grease Remover. 3. Use a tack cloth to remove any surface contaminates that may have settled on the repaired areas prior to paint application. 4. Apply #8000 series High Performance Urethane Single Stage Color. APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: Adjust air pressure to 40-50 psi at gun for gravity, siphon feed guns or HVLP use 6-10 psi at air cap. Apply 2-3 medium coats (maximum 2 mils wet per coat) or until hiding is achieved. Allow a 15-20 minute flash time between coats and before force drying. DRY TIMES AT 77°F: FLASH TIME 15-20 MINUTES TO DELIVER 16-24 HOURS FORCE DRYING AT 140°F: PURGE TIME 15 MINUTES BAKE TIME AT 140°F 40 MINUTES RECOATING: 2.8 VOC XTREME #8000 Urethane Single Stage Color may be recoated after 16-24 hours at 77° F. After 16-24 hours it must be lightly sanded/scuffed before additional color or clearcoat may be applied. ACCELERATOR & FISHEYE ELIMINATOR: Accelerator and/or Fisheye Eliminatory is not recommended for use in this product. CLEAN-UP: Clean spray equipment immediately after use with 5 STAR XTREME Gun Wash, or a high quality lacquer thinner, or compliant solvent depending on area regulations.