Colour Matching

colour-matchingBrown’s Auto Supply is a supplier of AkzoNobel car refinishes to the collision repair industry.  We feel the AkzoNobel is the industry leader in colour matching technology.

Together with state of the art equipment such as the Automatchic 3 colour camera and the Colour Pro Variant system which features fully sprayed colour decks for all car manufacturers and their specific colour variants.

Most colour issues can be identified and resolved prior to any paint being mixed or sprayed.

Ecomix Computer System

ecomixCustomers who install a paint machine into their shop are equipped with an Ecomix computer system. The Mixit2 software package offers valuable tools for both the paint technicians as well as management. Technicians are able to locate paint codes, mix paint and additives directly on the scale allowing for quick and precise measurements which are critical to proper use of the products.

Shop owners and managers can maximize their inventory control and job costing using the multiple reports available through Mixit2. Managers can know exactly what each job is costing them as well as the volume of product consumption to help maximize shop profitability.


Brown’s Auto Supply offers manufacturer training for most of its larger product lines. The training most commonly required, focuses on the paint products with extensive training offered through AkzoNobel. By taking part in regular training, you get: real results, less errors and complaints, better grasp of latest technologies, increased sales, and improved use of time and materials in the repair process.

The standard courses available offer a wide range of product and technical trainings. To name a few:

  • Professional Spraying Technique – tailored to the products you use in your day-to-day work environment
  • Professional Preparation Course – execute a repair from start to finish in a practical situation
  • Colour Tinting Course – theory and practice, including colour perception testing
  • Rapid Repair Training – total training in recognition, processes, equipment, warranty and support
  • Problem Prevention Course – learn to discover risks and prevent errors in advance
  • Health, Safety and Environment – learn to advise customers and staff on health, safety and environmental issues in car repair

We help you identify your training needs and once they have been determined all registering and bookings for your technicians are handled through us.